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A brief description of CCH-OPM INC


            To promote and teach OPM (Origin Point Method) for the health and wellness of the community.


Origin Point Method was publicized in 2006 by Dr. Chang, Chao Han.  Dr. Chang taught the OPM in 2009 to about 60 people in Houston.  Dr. Chang made another lecture in 2013.  A group of students and volunteers form an organization to continue the teaching, practicing of OPM and to the benefit of the general community in Houston. 

A formal non-profit organization named CCH-OPM INC was formed in 2015. It subsequently received a determination letter from IRS to be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. 

Texas Tax ID: 32056358479 (Texas sales tax exempt);

EIN:  47-3118273 (501(c)(3), Donation to CCH-OPM INC is tax deductible.)

Main benefits of OPM

Reducing pain and discomfort from diseases or ailments, improving quality of life and regaining bodily functions and independence after ailments .



Current location 12345 Bellaire Blvd.Suite B9 Houston, TX 77072

It is open to the public every Saturday afternoon.  All operations are performed by volunteers.  All services are free of charge, except a nominal seating fee charged for each OPM student.  Expenses are paid for by donations and partly by the seating fees.


CCH-OPM INC provides 4 sessions OPM classes each year since 2013, with a total number of students over 250.  Each session is 8 weeks long.  Each year, it provided OPM services to over 1000 person-times.  Most of them are seniors.  Among the people benefited from OPM services, about 50% of them are over age of 64 and 75% of them are over 60.  Although it does not limit its services to senior citizens, the substantial majority of its clients are seniors who tend to have more ailments or diseases.


OPM-CCH INC also cooperates with other charitable organizations to provide cultural, educational and religious services to its clients.