Here are links to many useful information 有用資料鏈接:
The official website for CCH-foundation is at

1. You may find brochures and other useful  documents in the public file folder.手冊和其他有用文教,可以在這個文件夾找到,可以看到多個版本,中文正體和英文版。
2. Lecture Videos in Chinese
3. 2013 videos on hands-on practices 2013
原始點醫學講座 手法
4. Internal heat source, making ginger powder/ginger soup and their application.
熱源  - 薑粉製作與使用方法
 5.   Bean-bag warming pad DIY chart (in Chinese).  紅豆溫敷袋

 Another list. It is more updated.

有用信息Some additional useful information:

English speakers, please check this website about OPM:


原始點工具人工手肘製作方法 OPM tool and DIY instruction


熱敷帶 heating strap, about $40,


有機薑:我們建議購買有機薑,在休斯頓 WholeFoodMarket有賣,約$6.99/lb Organic fresh ginger, available at WholeFoodMarket in Houston.  Organic dried ginger is available at CCH-OPM office.


有機薑粉, 有賣,$12/lb. Organic ginger root powder, available at the above websites.


按摩床,這裡有賣Massage beds are available at the link below for around $100 in 2014:


床腿可以鋸短至48cm參考這裡。 The massage bed legs may be shortened for OPM use.  See the link.


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